Fabio Wasserfallen


Journal Articles

  1. Leemann, Lucas and Fabio Wasserfallen (2017) “Extending the Use and Prediction Precision of Sub-

  2.    national Public Opinion Estimation”, American Journal of Political Science 61(4): 1003–1022.

  3.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Replication archive] 

  4. Leemann, Lucas and Fabio Wasserfallen (2016) “The Democratic Effect of Direct Democracy”,

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  6.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Replication archive]  [Online appendix]

  7. Gilardi, Fabrizio and Fabio Wasserfallen (2016) “How Socialization Attenuates Tax Competition”,

  8.    British Journal of Political Science 46(1): 45–65.

  9.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Replication archive]  [Online appendix] 

  10. Wasserfallen, Fabio (2015) “The Cooperative Capacity of Swiss Federalism”

  11.    Swiss Political Science Review 21(4): 538–555.

  12.    [Link]  [PDF]

  13. Bamert, Justus, Fabrizio Gilardi, and Fabio Wasserfallen (2015) “Learning and the Diffusion of Regime

  14.    Contention in the Arab Spring”, Research & Politics 2(3): 1–9.

  15.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Replication archive]

  16. Wasserfallen, Fabio (2014) “Contextual Variation in Interdependent Policy Making: The Case of Tax

  17.    Competition”, European Journal of Political Research 53(4): 822–839. 

  18.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Replication archive]  [Online appendix]

  19. Wasserfallen, Fabio (2014) “Political and Economic Integration in the EU: The Case of Failed Tax

  20.    Harmonization”, Journal of Common Market Studies 52(2): 420–435. 

  21.    [Link]  [PDF]  [Online appendix]

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  24.    [Link]  [PDF]

  25. Wasserfallen, Fabio (2010) “The Judiciary as Legislator? How the European Court of Justice shapes

  26.    Policy-Making in the EU”, Journal of European Public Policy 17(8): 1128–1146. 

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Habilitation Thesis

  1.     Wasserfallen, Fabio (2017) “Essays on Federalism, Democracy, and Diffusion”

  2.         Cumulative Habilitation Thesis, Salzburg: University of Salzburg.

PhD Thesis

  1.     Wasserfallen, Fabio (2014) “Lessons From an Ideal-Typical Case of Interdependent Policy Making”

  2.         Cumulative PhD Thesis, Zurich: University of Zurich.

Book Chapters


     Leemann, Lucas and Fabio Wasserfallen (2019), “Survey Methods” in Curini, Luigi and Rob J. Franzese

         (eds), Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations, London: Sage.

     Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja and Fabio Wasserfallen (2018), “The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis” in

         Morlino, Leonardo and Cecilia Sottilotta (eds), The Eurozone Crisis in Southern Europe, Basingstoke:  

         Palgrave Macmillan.

     Wasserfallen, Fabio (2018) “Policy Diffusion and European Public Policy Research” in Ongaro, Edoardo

        and Sandra van Thiel (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in

        in Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.   [PDF]

     Gilardi, Fabrizio, Daniel Kübler and Fabio Wasserfallen (2013) “Cantonal tax autonomy in Switzerland:

        Trends, challenges, and experiences” in Ruiz-Almendral, Violeta and Francois Vaillancourt (eds.),

        Tax autonomy of sub-national entities, London: McGill-Queen‘s University Press.

     Bochsler, Daniel and Fabio Wasserfallen (2013) “Multilevel elections and second order effects in

         Switzerland” in Dandoy, Régis and Arjan Schakel (eds.), Regional and National Elections in Western

        Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Work in Progress

     The Politics of Policy Diffusion (with Fabrizio Gilardi)   [PDF]

     Policy Flexibility and the Global Diffusion of Inflation Targeting   [PDF]

     Political Conflict in the Reform of the Eurozone (with Thomas Lehner)   [PDF]

     Analysing European Union Decision-Making during the Eurozone Crisis with New Data (with Dirk

        Leuffen, Hanno Degner, Zdenek Kudrna)

     Explaining Governmental Preferences on Economic and Monetary Union Reform (with Silvana Tarlea,

        Stefanie Bailer, Hanno Degner, Lisa Dellmuth, Dirk Leuffen, Magnus Lundgren, and Jonas Tallberg)

     Democratization and the Global Abolition of the Death Penalty" (with Seva Gunitsky)

     Brexit and Expectations (with Charlotte Grynberg and Stefanie Walter)

     Supranational Influence in the Reform of the Eurozone (with Magnus Lundgren and Jonas Tallberg)

     Bayesian Data Collection and Analysis (with Dirk Leuffen)